One of the most famous Mixed Martial Arts mouthguards in history is the Andrei Arlovski mouthguard, also commonly referred to as the fang mouthguard. This mouthguard rose to popularity in the MMA world solely because of Arlovski wearing it in his professional UFC fights.

Why Does Andrei Wear This Mouthguard?

The main reason behind why he chooses to wear the Arlovski mouthpiece is because his nickname is “The Pitbull” and he’s mimicking a pitbull’s fangs. The fangs promote a vicious and intimidating image, allowing him to live out his Pitbull person in the ring when he’s fighting his opponents. It’s a very fitting image for him because he fights like a Pitbull; extremely aggressive and trying hard to finish the fight with a series of serious blows.

How Much Does This Mouthpiece Cost?

Back when Andrei’s Pitbulls fangs mouthguard first debuted they were only available by custom design shops. The total bill for these completely custom MMA mouthguards would be well over $150, something that only serious MMA athletes would bother paying for. Fortunately, due to the increasing demand of the item, manufacturers have created exact replicas of the famous dental protector to supply the demands of the fans.

Where Can I Buy An Andrei Arlovski Mouth Guard Now?

You can buy the Andrei Arlovski Pitbull mouthpiece for only $29.99 by clicking here. It’s a Fight Dentist MMA mouthguard so you can be sure that the quality is there.  These mouthguards are made with PolyShok technology, allowing your mouth to absorb a much higher force than non-PolyShok mouthpieces. While looking the part of an MMA fighter with a really cool novelty MMA mouthguard is certainly neat, there’s nothing more important than practicing and training as safely as possible.

Will This Mouthguard Fit Me Well?

Yes. This mouthguard is a boil and bite MMA mouthguard, meaning you’ll be custom fitting it to your own dental specs with an easy fitting process. You’ll be boiling the mouthguard for a short period of time, effectively softening up the material enough to bite down and leave an imprint. Once the mouthpiece hardens you will be able to fit it into your mouth very snugly.

What are you waiting for? If you’re going to start training anytime soon then you should get your hands on this Pitbull mouthguard at once! Just remember that safety is more important than anything and MMA mouthguards can prevent common injuries so make sure you’re buying a mouthguard for the right reasons.