One of the most popular styles of MMA mouthguards are ones with fangs on the front of the piece. Due to the fact that they’ve been worn by many popular MMA fighters, they’re now in high demand and are steadily increasing in popularity. In the past, buying an MMA mouthguard with fangs would be very expensive because you were forced to go with a custom mouthpiece designer for a custom design. Thankfully due to their popularity increasing you can buy them for $29.99, as opposed to the previous prices, which were over $100.

The cool designs of the fang mouthguard make it appear like you have sharp fangs protruding from your face. The classic defense mechanism and act of savagery shown in the animal kingdom is to growl and show your fangs, so it’s only natural that MMA fighters would love to do this as well.

Which professional MMA fighters wear mouth guards with fangs?

As stated above, one of the most likely reasons for the popularity of these mouthpieces is because popular fighters wear them. Each time you watch a UFC event, you’re likely to notice people wearing custom MMA mouthguards, with many of them being something unique or cool like fangs.

These vampire fang mouthguards have been worn by several popular professional fighters, such as Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy and Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski.

Andrei Arlovski has probably popularized the MMA fang mouthguards more so than any other fighter due to the fact that his nickname is “The Pitbull” and he wears novelty fangs in promo spots. The Andrei Arlovski mouthguard can be seen below, worn by the Belarussian himself.

Dan Hardy wears a very similar style to the standard fangs, but prefers to use different styles which are called monster fangs or monster teeth. You can find these as well, also for a very cheap price. You can buy Dan Hardy’s red monster fangs for $29.99 here.

Where can I buy a boil and bite fang mouthguard?

You can buy boil and bite fang mouthguards from a reputable MMA merchandising company for $29.99 by clicking here. These are the most popular versions because they’re easy to fit and are much cheaper than custom fang mouthguards. Please browse the site for more information on how to fit a boil and bite MMA mouth guard properly.

Are there other variations of the standard black and white fang mouth guards?

Yes. You don’t have to go with the plain black and white. There is also another variation which is very similar to the standard style, but has blood dripping from the teeth. This bloody fang mouthguard is also very popular since it’s brutal and intimidating to go against an opponent with blood already dripping from his fangs! It’s psychological warfare at its finest.